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"Wow! I've been to many high school music productions, and this one, by far, is the best I've ever seen.  The vocal quality of this cast was unbelievable! Over-the-top good!" - Darren Thompson, School Board Member

"Children of Eden was an incredibly emotionally charged experience made possible by an extraordinary talented, kind, and generous group of students.  These students gave me an experience I will cherish for a lifetime."  -
Caroline Garber, FCHS Choir Director
"One word.... Awesome!   The Franklin Community H.S.students along with their directors proved how much talent we have here in the Franklin Community School Corp.  Congratulations and thanks for your hard work!"
- Linda Greenwell, Music teacher Creekside Elementary
"The Children of Eden was one of the high school's best productions. The commitment of the students to the production and the level of talent was outstanding.  I am very impressed with each and every student involved as well as the people behind the scenes.  Well done!" -Libby Johnson, community member

"I am so proud of all of the students involved with the musical.  This is such a wonderful group of talented kids.  I have been to various musical productions by FCHS and several performances, but I was truly blown away by Children of Eden."  -Brigette Burke, community member
"I was very impressed with the talent and how well trained the students were."  -Joy Walls, community member

"I really loved Act 2 of Children of Eden.  The animals making their way onto the ark were amazing.  The costumes and sets were very professional.  The kids should be very proud of themselves."  
Sanders, community member
"I attended all of the shows and at each one sat next to people in the audience that were moved to tears. Everything was spot on. So proud my two daughters were involved."
- Doug Kirby, FCS IT Dept. & proud father


"WOW!  I can not say enough about Franklin Community High School's performing arts dept.  Children of Eden was Amazing! Kuddos to all that were involved from sound, lights, set building, orchestra, cast and soloists.  We loved it all!" -Celeste Hook, FCS TRRA
"I have been to several of the FCHS musicals over the years, and Children of Eden was one of the best that I have ever gotten the pleasure of seeing.  The kids are so talented and there wasn't one person that didn't stand out in my mind."  -Karen Johnson, community member

"The musical was extremely intense and emotional.  The students really did a fantastic job executing such a plot.  Very talented kids and a great job to the director."  -Jimmie Buckner, community member
"This was the best high school musical I have ever seen. The singing, acting, music, and set surpassed some professional productions." - Janet Kirby, FCHS teacher
"I was extremely impressed with the caliber of this musical.  It was professionally done and the stage set up was awesome for a high school level musical." -Courtney Allen, community member
"Children of Eden was the best high school production I've ever seen.  It made me laugh...it made me cry...but most of all it made me proud to be a part of FCS and know that through the arts we are helping young people grow from good to great." - Deb Brown-Nally, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction