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March 26, 2012
Contact: Dr. David Clendening, Superintendent                                                

While FCS students were out of school March 16, the food services staff was learning how to spice things up in the school cafeterias. Chef Steffanie Oertel Hale spent the morning with the group showing them different techniques that they can use daily in the cafeteria. 

“We are always looking at ways to improve our menus and preparation techniques, particularly in light of the new National School Lunch Program guidelines that require schools to offer more fruits and vegetables,” Food Services Director Jill Overton said. “Although we have already made many changes in our menus, our goal is to continue to encourage our students to learn about and to try new foods that they may not be familiar with.”

Chef Oertel Hale began the lesson by teaching the staff knife skills. Preparing and breaking down fruits and vegetables can be time consuming, and the different techniques learned will help the staff complete the prep work more efficiently. They were also taught how to create their own spice blends without using salt. This will allow them to flavor healthy foods in a way that will make them more appetizing to students. 

The staff prepared a healthy pizza using whole grain tortilla crust, spinach, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken and spices, as well as a fresh fruit compote. Both are student favorites prepared with a healthy twist. 
 ladies chopping apples  chef stirring pot in kitchen            
bowl of warm fruit salad
Fresh Fruit Compote
Apples, Granny Smith - 2 each
Oranges, fresh - 2 each
Pineapple chunks - 1/2 cup
Craisins - 1/2 cup
Carrots, diced or shredded - 1/2 cup
Butter or margarine - 4 tbsp
Ground cinammon - 1/2 tsp
Maple syrup - 1 tbsp
Ground nutmeg - dash


Wash all fresh produce. Core and slice apples, peel and cut oranges into sections – place into a bowl. Squeeze any juice from the orange membrane over the sliced apples to help keep them from turning brown. Peel and dice or shred the carrot. Add to the bowl along with the pineapple chunks and Craisins.
Melt the butter or margarine in a saucepan. Add the cinnamon, maple syrup, and nutmeg. Stir until incorporated. Add the fruit mixture and cook until the apples are just beginning to soften. (The apples should still have a slight crunch).
This compote is good served warm or cooled as a side dish. It may also be served over French toast, waffles, or pancakes.